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Restaurant Catering Delivery


Some of the most important deliveries that happen every day are food. We treat potential clients, cater a working lunch with other employees or simply have an important event around a meal. Unfortunately, no one is happy when lunch isn’t on time and too many delivery services deliver when they want rather than when you want.


Metro Courier does deliveries both on behalf of the restaurants and individual clients. We can take your entire restaurant’s catering delivery process into our hands so all you have to worry about is getting food on the table…we’ll do the rest. A perfect setup, finding the missing address, keeping the customer up to date and handling payments are all in a days work for Metro Courier.


Restaurant’s use Metro Courier for delivery of their top-tier caterings in Tulsa, OKC, Fayetteville and Little Rock and it keeps growing! Check out some of our reviews or reach out to us directly to start a conversation about handling deliveries for your restaurant or operation.

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